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Hi this is Mary. Is your horse aggressive? Always "in your face" or prone to bite or kick? Is he just the kind of horse that makes you a little bit afraid of him?

Many people who bought the Establishing Control video found that their horse was a bit aggressive and they didn't feel safe trying to do Lesson One. Quite a few were also first time horse owners dealing with a horse that had little previous handling.

They asked us for another video to show them how to work with an aggressive horse so that they would be safe. This 60 min supplement is the answer to those requests.

Watch a short clip from The Aggressive Horse.

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You can add this supplement to your order by choosing Part 1 and Aggressive Horse DVDs (in the drop down menu below) or you can order one or the other of the DVDs. There is a discount for ordering both at once and only one S & H fee (6.95).

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The Aggressive Horse

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